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Come share your passion for fitness and push yourself beyond your limits!

Plank-on BYC Training™ is a unique form of outdoor fitness, studied by elite trainers and industry experts worldwide.  Globally registered, Plank-on BYC Training™ was developed to inspire the body and mind by incorporating fitness, culture and community; taking athletes outside into urban settings and transforming the cities we visit into our gyms.  

The unique format of BYC Training involves 3 fixed stations:

Interval Training HITT and TABATA
alternating fast walking and running over a 5k-6k course
3 stations of gradual increasing intensity

Using multiple disciplines as well as exclusive and experimental tools to always seek the best result.  Our athletes will be equipped with custom wireless headphones so that they can follow the directions of the trainers, as well as enjoy motivational music.  

Participants will also enjoy an audio tour, via wireless headphones, from a special tour guide intermittently throughout the workout.  Guides will explain the unique history and beauty of the city in which the workout is being hosted.  

Plank-on believes it is important to give back to the communities we visit.  In each city, Plank-on supports a local charity by donating a portion of each registration fee.  

Who should participate in BYC Training™?

Plank-on Byc Training™ is designed for anyone who enjoys a physical challenge and loves to explore new and innovative fitness trends.  The specialized BYC Training format allows each individual athlete to be challenged according to his or her personal fitness level.  The body benefits from receiving new stimuli from the innovative and targeted techniques our participants will find in every BYC Training™.  

BYC Training Benefits

Do away with the boredom of repetition and the walls of a gym.  Our participants get outside as a group, take to the streets and enjoy the fitness benefits of new and innovative training philosophies.  BYC's unique format incorporates resistance, physical and mental strength, flexibility, stability and cardiovascular challenges increasing in intensity as the workout progresses.    

Getting ready for you BYC Training session

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your training session start time.  Upon arrival you will receive an official BYC Training t-shirt, wireless headphones and a swag bag with offers from our partners (bag check will be available).  Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable training shoes.  Water will be provided.

             Choose your city and sign up!               Scegli la città e iscriviti!

Want to become a BYC Trainer?!

Join our team and bring a innovative and dynamic workout to your city!